About Us

With over fifty years of combined construction, real estate development and finance experience, the Touchstone’s managing partners bring a skill set of uncommon depth and breadth to real estate investing.  Between us, we have personally executed a wide variety of real estate transactions and held nearly every role in the real estate development process, from carpenter and electrician’s apprentice to general contractor and developer, from underwriter and originator to equity syndicator and hard money lender.  Between smaller scale local investments with our own capital and positions held at top tier national commercial real estate shops, we have been involved with more than $400 million of real estate transactions over the past few years.

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Thomas F. Meade

Touchstone’s baseline value proposition is, “We’ve been there, done that.”  Personally, I’ve taken a very literal approach to learning the real estate business from the ground up – from the physical work of general contractor to the mind-numbing details of LIHTC equity partnerships, over the past 15 years I’ve garnered invaluable insights into how real estate transactions are structured, financed and executed.  

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Raymound C. Loughlin

My background as an electrical contractor, home builder, real estate developer, and chair of the Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals gives me strong skill set to underwrite real estate loans.  My 10+ year track record of funding private loans with my own capital, combined with a finance degree from Bryant University and Certified Fund Manager designation from the American Association of Private Lenders, provides a solid foundation of experience & education as we continue to scale up our real estate lending and investment business.