Touchstone Capital Partners

Experience guiding capital to opportunity.

Matching investors looking for higher-yielding investments with developers and operating partners who are looking for reliable yet flexible capital.
About Touchstone

Connecting capital with yield

At Touchstone Capital Partners, we seek to match investors looking for higher yielding investments with developers and operating partners who are looking for reliable yet flexible capital.  We have deep experience on both sides of the table – as developers, we’ve been in the position of securing capital (debt and equity) to do our next deal, and we’ve been lending and investing our own capital in various types of real estate transactions for more than a decade. From that unique perspective, we structure transactions that are truly Win-Win:

We provide solid returns for our investor partners and reliable capital for our borrower/developer partners.


An experienced team with broad perspectives

Thomas Meade

“Touchstone’s baseline value proposition is: We’ve been there, done that. Personally, I’ve taken a very literal approach to learning the real estate business from the ground up – from the physical work of general contractor to the mind-numbing details of LIHTC equity partnerships, over the past 15 years I’ve garnered invaluable insights into how real estate transactions are structured, financed and executed.”

Raymond Loughlin

“My background as an electrical contractor, home builder, real estate developer, and chair of the Plainville Zoning Board of Appeals gives me a strong skill set to underwrite real estate loans. My 10+ year track record of funding private loans with my own capital, combined with a finance degree from Bryant University and Certified Fund Manager designation from the American Association of Private Lenders, provides a solid foundation of experience & education as we continue to scale up our real estate lending and investment business.”


Looking for funding? We have it.

We have the experience to understand your transaction, and to structure a financing package that makes sense. We have the ability to review your financing request and issue term sheets very quickly (usually within 48 hours), and we’re lending our own capital – so we’re calling all the shots locally and have the ability to be both flexible and fast.

  • Land Acquisition/Development
  • New Construction/Redevelopment
  • Rehab Loans (Fix-and-Flip or Buy-and-Hold)
  • Bridge Loans
  • Transactional Funding
  • Joint Ventures
  • Preferred Equity/Silent Equity Partnerships

Partnering with Touchstone

At Touchstone Capital Partners (TCP), we’re always looking to expand our network of investors, lenders and equity partners.

We’re currently raising capital for Touchstone Capital Partners Fund II, LLC, a Regulation 506D pooled investment fund for accredited investors.  A majority of the Fund’s investments will be in first lien position mortgages, with up to 20% of assets invested in mezzanine debt or preferred equity.

We’re also accepting a limited number of investors for principal development deals, where TCP will be the general partner/developer.  We typically structure our joint ventures with a priority preferred return, then participation in the upside.

Fill out our information request form to let us know what types of investments you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as new opportunities become available.

Recent Transactions

Turn-on-a-dime Financing

The initial funding package for this project included an $800k first mortgage and $120k in preferred equity.

Fix & Flip Renovation

This project, with one of our repeat JV partners, required both debt and gap/equity funding.

Fast Financing

Funding our own loans and performing due diligence in house, allows us to quickly overcome unexpected financing obstacles.

Customized Loans

We fund our own loans giving us the ability to quickly customize loan amounts and terms, meeting the individual financial needs of small business owners.